Career Notes

Tracy Maleeff: Ask more people to dance. [Analyst]
Tom Quinn: The mark of making a difference. [CISO]
Johannes Ullrich: Superhero origin stories and lessons that last. [Education]
Kathleen Booth: Get your foot in the door and prove your worth. [Marketing]
Matt Devost: Solving hard problems and pursuing your passions. [CEO]
Bilyana Lilly: Turn challenges into opportunities. [Policy]
Graham Cluley: Have to be able to communicate to everybody. [Media]
Dominique Shelton Leipzig: No matter the statistics, even if against the odds, focus on what you want. [Legal]
Chris Cochran: Rely on your strengths in the areas of the unknown. [Engineering]
Selena Larson: The Green Goldfish and cyber threat intelligence. [Analyst]
Stu Sjouwerman: Trying for a win, win, win game. [CEO]
Kiersten Todt: problem solving and building solutions. [Policy]
Jack Rhysider: Get your experience points in everything. [Media]
Elizabeth Wharton: Strong shoulders for someone else to stand on. [Legal]
Brandon Robinson: Built from the ground up. [Sales Engineer]
Monica Ruiz: Moving ahead when not many look like you. [Policy]
Richard Torres: Getting that level of experience is going to be crucial. [Security Operations]
Diane M. Janosek: It's only together that we are going to rise. [Education]
Geoff White: Suddenly all of the pieces start to line up. [Journalism]
Rosa Smothers: Secure the planet. [Intelligence]
Sal Aurigemma: How things work. [Education]
The Malware Mash!
Carole Theriault: Constantly learning new things. [Media]
Richard Clarke: From presidential inspiration to cybersecurity policy pioneer. [Policy]
Malek Ben Salem: Taking those challenges. [R&D]
James Hadley: Spend time on what interests you. [CEO]
Camille Stewart: Technology becomes more of an equalizer. [Legal]
Ron Brash: Problem fixer in critical infrastructure. [OT]
Andrea Little Limbago: Look at the intersection of the of humans and technology. [Social Science]
Robert Lee: Keeping the lights on. [ICS]
Encore: Selena Larson: The Green Goldfish and cyber threat intelligence. [Analyst] (Career Notes]
Ellen Sundra: Actions speak louder than words. [Engineering]
Tom Gorup: Fail fast and fail forward. [Operations]
Ann Johnson: Trying to make the world safer. [Business Development]
Ben Yelin: A detour could be a sliding door moment. [Policy]
Kyla Guru: You are a key piece to our national security. [Education]
Jason Clark: Challenge the way things are done. [Strategy]
Dr. Jessica Barker: Cybersecurity has a huge people element to it. [Socio-technical]
Billy Wilson: Translating language skills to technical skills. [HPC]
Aarti Borkar: Make your own choices. [Product]
Stephen Hamilton: Getting the mission to the next level. [Military]
Dinah Davis: Building your network. [R&D]
Kevin Magee: Focus on the archer. [CSO]
Teresa Shea: The challenge of adapting new technologies. [Intelligence]
Greg Bell: Answer the question of "why?" [Open Source]
Debra Danielson: Be fearless. [CTO]
Aviv Grafi: There needs to be fundamental changes in security. [CEO]
Marcelle Lee: Cyber sleuth detecting emerging threats. [Research]
Jim Zufoletti: Building your experience portfolio. [Entrepreneur]
Yatia (Tia) Hopkins: Grit and right place, right time. [Solutions Architecture]
Dominique West: Security found me. [Strategy]
Michael Bishop Jr.: Good, bad or indifferent. [Security]
Baan Alsinawi: Trust ourselves and be courageous. [Compliance]
Dave Farrow: The guy that enabled the business. [Security leadership]
Margaret Cunningham: A people scientist with a technology focus. [Behavioral science}
Avi Shua: Try to do things by yourself. [CEO]
Maria Thompson-Saeb: Be flexible and make it happen. [Program Management]
Dwayne Price: Sharing information. [Project Management]
Taree Reardon: A voice for women in cyber. [Threat Analyst]
Peter Baumann: Adding value to data. [CEO]
Ingrid Toppelberg: Knowing how to take risks will pay off. [Cybersecurity education]
Andrew Hammond: Understanding the plot. [Historian and Curator]
Alyssa Miller: We have to elevate others. [BISO]
Rick Howard: Give people resources. [CSO]
Jennifer Walsmith: Pioneering and defining possible. [Cyber Solutions]
Rich Hale: Understanding the data. [CTO]
Natali Tshuva: Impacting critical industries. [CEO]
Joe Bradley: A bit of a winding road. [Chief Scientist]
Limor Kessem: Be an upstander. [Security Advisor]
Dave Bittner: From puppet shows to podcasts. [Media]
Pattie Dillon: Take the leap. [Anti-fraud]
Brandon Karpf: A sailor of the 21st century. [Transitioning service member]