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Can We Talk About Whiteness?
Made For You And Me
Code Switch Extra: Re-Remembering Muhammad Ali
How LGBTQ People of Color Are Dealing With Orlando
I Don't Know If I Like This, But I Want It To Win
"I'm Not Black, I'm O.J.!"
"You're A Grand Old Flag"
Code Switch Extra: No Words
Black and Blue
46 Stops: The Driving Life and Death of Philando Castile
A Letter From Young Asian Americans, To Their Parents, About Black Lives Matter
What Does "Objectivity" Mean To Journalists Of Color?
Say My Name, Say My Name (Correctly, Please)
Struggling School, Or Sanctuary?
Nate Parker's Past, His Present, And The Future Of "The Birth of A Nation"
Code Switch Extra: "Southside" and Black Love at the Movies
What's So Funny About The Indian Accent?
Code Switch Extra: Singer Juan Gabriel's Sexuality Was 'Open Secret'
The Dangers Of Life As An American 'Nobody'
Why Do We Still Care About Tupac?
Warning! This Episode May Trigger Debate
The Code Switch Guide To Handling Casual Racism
Who Is A Good Immigrant, Anyway?
Encore: "I'm Not Black I'm O.J."
Everyone Is Talking To Barry Jenkins But Our Interview Is The Best
Apocalypse Or Racial Kumbaya? America After Nov. 8
A Muslim and A Mexican Walk Into A Bar....
Another Black President Says Goodbye To Washington
Want Some Gravy With Those Grievances?
Encore: Asian American Letter on Behalf of Black Lives
Audie and the Not-So-Magic School Bus
Hold Up! Time For An Explanatory Comma
A Chitlins Christmas: Bah Humbug!
Encore: Everyone Is Talking To Barry Jenkins, But Our Interview Is (Still) the Best!
Obama's Legacy: Diss-ent or Diss-respect?
Obama's Legacy: Callouts and Fallouts
Obama's Legacy: Did He Remix Race?
So, What Are You Afraid of Now?
Encore Plus: Who Is A Good Immigrant, Anyway?
Oscars So Black...At Least, In Documentaries
Ten Thousand Writers... and Two Intrepid Podcast Hosts
The Horror, The Horror: "Get Out" And The Place of Race in Scary Movies
In Search Of Puerto Rican Identity In Small-Town America
Safety-Pin Solidarity: With Allies, Who Benefits?
Not-So-Simple Questions From Code Switch Listeners
The 80-Year Mystery Around 'Fred Douglas' Park
A Bittersweet Persian New Year
Sanctuary Churches: Who Controls The Story?
Podcast Extra En Español: Jeanette Vizguerra
Changing Colors In Comics
The Beef Over Native American Hunting Rights
How One Inmate Changed The Prison System From The Inside
Mailbag! Listener Questions and Comments That Got Us Thinking
John Leguizamo, Still In Search Of John Leguizamo
The LA Unrest (Or Riots) 25 Years Later
Talking Black-ish With Star Yara Shahidi And Creator Kenya Barris
The Blessing (And Curse?) Of Miss Saigon
Master of None's Alan Yang Unpacks Season 2
Japanese Americans Exiled In Utah
We're Still Talking About "My Family's Slave"
'Give It Up For DJ Blackface!'
A Prescription For "Racial Imposter Syndrome"
Encore: 'You're A Grand Old Flag'
What To Make Of Philando Castile's Death, One Year Later
It's Our Anniversary
The Supreme Court Decides In Favor Of A Racial Slur...Now What?
A Police Video From Charlotte
What's So Wrong With African Americans Wearing African Clothes?
What's Good? Talking Hip-Hop and Race With Stretch & Bobbito
The U.S. Census and Our Sense of Us
Who's Your Great-Great-Great-Great Granddaddy?
The Unfinished Battle In the Capital Of The Confederacy
'I'm Not A Racist, I'm Argentine!'
An Advertising Revolution: "Black People Are Not Dark-Skinned White People"
It's Getting (Dangerously) Hot in Herre
A Weed Boom, But For Whom?
Befuddled By Babies, Love And Ice Pops? Ask Code Switch
Puerto Rico, My Heart's Devotion
The Passing Of A "Failing" School
A Year Of Love And Struggle In A New High School
'They Can't Just Be Average,' Lifting Students Up Without Lowering The Bar
To Fail Or Not To Fail: The Fierce Debate Over High Standards
Reflections On A Year At Ron Brown High
Live From Chicago...It's Code Switch!
A Code Switch Thanksgiving Feast
Disrespect To Miss-Respect
17,000 Islands, 700 Languages, And A Superhero
With Dope, There's High Hope
Black Atheists, White Santas, And A Feast For The Deceased
Before We Give 2017 The Middle Finger, Part 1
Before We Give 2017 The Middle Finger, Part 2
This Racism Is Killing Me Inside
A Racial Impostor Epidemic
The 'R-Word' In The Age Of Trump
The State Of Our Union Is...Uh, How Much Time You Got?
It's Not Just About The Blood
Feelings, Finances And Fetishes: Love Is A Racial Battlefield
Throw Some Respeck On My Name
A House Divided By Immigration Status
Searching For A Home After Hate
Who Is 'Us,' Anyway?
The Madness Of March
Amara La Negra: Too Black To Be Latina? Too Latina To Be Black?
The Road To The Promised Land, 50 Years Later
Location! Location! Location!
Members of Whose Tribe?
It's Bigger Than The Ban
Code Switch Census Watch 2020
Tough Questions For The World's Toughest Job
What's Black And Gray And Inked All Over?
Of Bloodlines and Conquistadors
A Thousand Ways To Kneel And Kiss The Ground
What We Inherit
Twenty-First Century Blackface
Looking For Marriage In All The Wrong Places
Immigration Nation
Code Switch's Summer Vacation
Word Up
Rap On Trial
Word Watch: A Code Switch Game Show
Word Watch, The Sequel: 2Watch 2Wordiest
Talk American
Behind The Lies My Teacher Told Me
Live From Birmingham...It's Code Switch!
So What If He Said It?
Stuck Off The Realness
Update: Looking For Marriage In All The Wrong Places
Ask Code Switch: School Daze
Puerto Rico's Other Storm
Deja Vu All Over Again
Our Homeland Is Each Other
What So Proudly We Hail
The Cost To Cast A Ballot
Is Ron Brown High School Working?
Politics Podcast Pop Up
The House On The Corner
Live From The Apollo...It's Code Switch!
Dog Show!
The Story Of Mine Mill
Code Switch Book Club
Code Switch Goes To College
Race Underneath The Skin
America's Other Anthems
The Return
Perfect Son
Intrigue At The Census Bureau
Pretty Hurts
We're Going To Start A Dialogue...Again.
From Blackface To Blackfishing
Getting A Foot In the Door
On The Shoulders Of Giants
When Disaster Strikes
Respect Yourself
"On Strike! Blow It Up!"
Ask Code Switch: You Are What You Eat
Why Is It So Hard To Talk About Israel?
Love & Walkouts
Can the Go-Go Go On?
Poets, The Life Boats
You Say Chicano, I Say...
We Don't Say That
Anger: The Black Woman's 'Superpower'
Dispatches From The Schoolyard
Salt Fat Acid Race
The Original 'Welfare Queen'
E Ola Ka 'Olelo Hawai'i
Code Switch Book Club: Summer 2019
Some Of The People Knew Magic
America's Concentration Camps?
The Return Of Race Science
Oh So Now It's Racist?
Chicago's Red Summer
Puerto Ricans Stand Up
After The Cameras Leave
Dora's Lasting Magic
All That Glisters Is Not Gold
'20 And Odd. Negroes'
Searching For Punks
A Tale Of Two School Districts
The Black Table In The Big Tent
The Original Blexit
Political Prisoners?
That's The Anthem, Get Your [Dang] Hands Up!
President Trump's (Anti-)Social Media
A Strange And Bitter Crop
Fear In An Age Of Real-Life Horror
Is This What It Means To Be White?
Status Update
Sex, Lies And Audio Tape
Sometimes Explain, Always Complain
Death Of A Blood Sport
The Martha's Vineyard migrant flight has echoes of a dark past: Reverse Freedom Rides
Slow Burn
The Birth Of A 'New Negro'
Beautiful Lies
Carmen Maria Machado Takes Us 'In The Dream House'
Is The Door To Iran Closed Forever?
Ask Code Switch: What About Your Friends?
Bonus Episode: 'Between Friends' From WNYC
Books For Your Mind, Belly And Soul
Black Parents Take Control, Teachers Strike Back
Pt. 2: Black Parents Take Control, Teachers Strike Back
Blexodus: The Black Exodus From The GOP
Claude Neal: A Strange And Bitter Crop
When Fear Of The Coronavirus Turns Into Racism And Xenophobia
The Limits Of Empathy
The All-Women Mariachi Group That's Lifting Our Spirits
Sex, Friendship And Aging: 'It's Not All Downhill From Here'
Code Switch: Race. In Your Face.
Mother, Should I Trust The Census Bureau?
A Treacherous Choice And A Treaty Right
Why The Coronavirus Is Hitting Black Communities Hardest
Black Like Who?
The News Beyond The COVID Numbers
Puerto Rico, Island Of Racial Harmony?
When Poets Decide Who Counts
What Does 'Hood Feminism' Mean For A Pandemic?
Ask Code Switch: The Coronavirus Edition
COVID Diaries: Jessica And Sean Apply For A Loan
Songs Giving Us (Much Needed) Life
A Decade Of Watching Black People Die
Unmasking The 'Outside Agitator'
Bonus Episode: 'Not Just Another Protest'
Why Now, White People?
DACA Decision: Check-In with Miriam Gonzalez
Author Karla Cornejo Villavicencio Talks 'The Undocumented Americans'
They Don't Say Our Names Enough
We Aren't Who We Think We Are
An Immune System
What's In A 'Karen'?
Remembering The 'Divine Diahann Carroll'
Un-HolyLand? An Arab Muslim Reckoning With Racism
One Korean American's Reckoning
The Long, Bloody Strike For Ethnic Studies
Bonus Episode: Katrina, 15 Years Later
Kamala, Joe, And The Fissures In The Base
Keep Your Friends Closer
The United States' Pre-Existing Conditions
Balls And Strikes
The Kids Are All Right
The Protests Heard 'Round The World
Battle Of The Books
Is It Time To Say R.I.P. To 'POC'?
A New Look For The Fashion Industry?
A Treaty Right For Cherokee Representation
Hip-Hop, Mass Incarceration, And A Conspiracy Theory For The Ages
Let's Talk About Kamala Harris
Is Trump Really That Racist?
The Latinx Vote Comes Of Age
An Historic Vote, Among Many
We ... Don't Know Anything Yet
Claim Us If You're Famous
The White Elephants In The Room
Thank You, Next
Words Of Advice
Stepping Back Inside Carmen Maria Machado's 'Dream House'
The Books That Got Away
Black And Up In Arms
Family Stories, Family Lies
From Generation To Generation
The Fire Still Burning
Finding 'A Perfect Match'
From The Fringe To The Capitol
The Last Four Years
Stepping Out Of The Shadow Of 'Killer King'
Who's 'Black Enough' For Reparations?
Black Kiss-tory
Becoming 'Black Moses'
A Shot In The Dark
'Payback's A B****'
David (Pronounced dah-VEED) Versus Goliath
Saving A Language You're Learning To Speak
Lonnie Bunch And The 'Museum Of No'
Screams And Silence
Why Are We Here?
Spit A Verse, Drop Some Knowledge
Do The Golden Arches Bend Toward Justice?
A Utopia For Black Capitalism
Live From Philly*: A Code Switch Jawn
Show Me The Money
The Kid Mero Talks 'What It Means To Be Latino'
The Sum Of Our Parts
Tulsa, 100 Years Later
Where Are You Really From?
The Racial Reckoning That Wasn't
A Taste Of Freedom
Ballers, Shot Callers
'Where We Come From': By Any Other Name
A Good ACT To Follow
Égalité, Fraternité, And 'Libertie'
What Does It Mean To Be Latino? The 'Light-Skinned Privilege' Edition
Words To Set You Free
To Love And Not Forgive
Violence That Doesn't Go Viral
Care To Explain Yourself?
Who Runs The World? Kids.
'Seeing Ghosts' Across Generations
The Folk Devil Made Me Do It
The Lost Summer
The Making And Remaking Of Afghanistan
Who You Calling 'Hispanic'?
The Dramatic Life Of The American Teenager
The Rise Of The BBL
The Once And Future 'Karen'
Skeletons In The Closet
Painting By Numbers
Ask Code Switch: Parents Just Don't Understand
Love And Blood Quantum
'Being Fly Is An Act Of Community'
'The Characters Are The Light'
Ask Code Switch: Thought For Food
Imagining A World Without Prisons Or Police
A Glimpse At 'How The Other Half Eats'
What Is 'Latin Music' Anyway?
Bonus Episode: The blessing and curse of the '90s Latin Pop Explosion
What We Watched in 2021
Ask Code Switch: What Does Race Have To Do With Beauty?
Nikole Hannah-Jones on the power of collective memory
They came, they saw, they reckoned?
A whiteness that's only skin deep
Bonus: Remembering the iconic, complicated André Leon Talley
Playing Pretendian
Bonus: Getting real (like, really real) with Gabrielle Union
The 'double-edged sword' of being a Black first
Bonus Episode: Consider the Lobstermen
Humor, poetry and romance on Code Switch Live
Can therapy solve racism?
The rise and fall of 'America's Dad'
Mabel Fairbanks: The Ice Breaker
What's In A Dad?
Screams and Silence
Why the N-word is so toxic
The dance that made its way from Harlem to Sweden
A New Movement on Standing Rock
A makeup company gets a facelift
Race, queerness, and superpowers in 'Everything, Everywhere, All at Once'
The LA Uprising, a generation later
Coming Soon: Code Switch presents 'School Colors'
School Colors Episode 1: "There Is No Plan"
School Colors Episode 2: "Tales From The Southside"
The Utang Clan
School Colors Episode 3: "The Battle of Forest Hills"
How We Decide Who Is 'Worthy of Welcome'
School Colors Episode 4: "The Mason-Dixon Line"
Rethinking 'safety' in the wake of Uvalde
School Colors Episode 5: "The Melting Pot"
Spilling the T
The impact of COVID-19, a million deaths in
School Colors Episode 6: "Below Liberty"
On Food, Mattress Sales, and Juneteenth
School Colors Episode 7: "The Sleeping Giant"
No Man's Land
School Colors Episode 8: "The Only Way Out"
'Wherever you go, there you are'
School Colors Bonus: "Ms. Mitchell's Pandemic Diary"
Code Switch's playlist for a summer road trip
School Colors Episode 9: "Water Under The Bridge"
Who belongs in the Cherokee Nation?
Meet B.A. Parker — our new co-host!
Lost In Translation
Into the glittering neon universe of 'P-Valley' with Katori Hall
What's so funny about race?
What makes a good race joke?
What does it mean to "inherit whiteness?"
How the Pell Grant helped POCs go to college
Can therapy solve racism?
In 1962, segregationists set up "Reverse Freedom Rides"
Gaming out race in Dungeons & Dragons