Good Seats Still Available

001: Documentarian Mark Greczmiel & the NHL’s California Golden Seals
002: Sports Executive Andy Crossley & the WPS Boston Breakers
003: Author Michael MacCambridge on Lamar Hunt & the American Football League
004: Author Matthew Algeo & the NFL’s 1943 “Steagles”
005: Bobby Moffat & and the 1970s NASL Dallas Tornado
006: Columnist Paul Gardner & the Original North American Soccer League
007: “Krazy” George Henderson & The Art of Pro Sports Cheerleading
008: Documentarian Dan Forer & the ABA’s Spirits of St. Louis
009: Documentarian Mike Jacobs & the International Volleyball Association
010: The American Soccer Sojourn of Clyde Best
011: The USFL’s Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars with Publicist Bob Moore
012: Author Jim Sulecki & the NFL’s Cleveland Rams
013: Author Bill Young & the Baseball Legacy of J.L. Wilkinson's Kansas City Monarchs
014: Radio Personality Terry Hanson’s Formative Years in NASL Soccer
015: MISL Memories with Michael Menchel
016: National Soccer Hall of Famer Rick Davis
017: Abe Saperstein & the American Basketball League with Author Murry Nelson
018: Pro Football Historian Ken Crippen & the All-America Football Conference
019: American Soccer “Superstar” Kyle Rote, Jr.
020: George Steinbrenner’s Cleveland Pipers with Sportswriter Bill Livingston
021: Connie Mack’s Philadelphia Athletics with Author David Jordan
022: The Life of George Best with Documentary Filmmaker Daniel Gordon
023: The AFL’s New York Titans with Author Bill Ryczek
024: Soccer “Renaissance Man” Dr. Joe Machnik
025: Early Pro Football’s Memphis Tigers with Author Wylie McLallen
026: The TVS Television Network with Producer/Director Howard Zuckerman
027: Jim Thorpe’s Oorang Indians with NFL Films’ Chris Willis
028: Women’s Pro Basketball’s “Machine Gun” Molly Kazmer
029: The American Soccer League’s Cincinnati Comets with Writer/Photographer Ronny Salerno
030: The Senior Professional Baseball Association with Author David Whitford
031: Indoor Soccer’s Wichita Wings with Mike Romalis and Tim O’Bryhim
032: Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Braves with Documentarian/Writer Bill Povletich
033: Early Baseball’s National Association with Author Bill Ryczek
034: The National Basketball League with Author Murry Nelson
035: National Soccer Hall of Famer Paul Child
036: Dead-Ball-Era Baseball’s “Chief” Meyers & the New York Giants with Author Bill Young
037: The NHL’s California Golden Seals with Author Steve Currier
038: Women’s Professional Baseball with Film Producer/Director Jon Leonoudakis
039: The Continental Indoor Soccer League’s Indianapolis Twisters with Broadcaster Kenn Tomasch
040: The Three Acts of Pro Soccer’s San Jose Earthquakes with Columnist Gary Singh
041: ABA Basketball’s Indiana Pacers with Sportswriter Mark Montieth
042: Entertainer Pat Boone and the ABA’s Oakland Oaks
042: Entertainer Pat Boone and the ABA’s Oakland Oaks
043: Arena Football League Founder Jim Foster
044: Arena Football League Founder Jim Foster - Part Two
045: The ABA’s Indiana Pacers with Sportswriter Mark Montieth – Part Two
046: The United States Football League with Author Paul Reeths
047: US Pro Soccer’s 1960s-Era Rebirth with Author Dennis Seese
048: How the ABA’s Indiana Pacers Helped “Change the Game” – with Bob Netolicky & Robin Miller
049: “Rock & Roll” NASL Soccer with Author Ian Plenderleith
050: National League Baseball’s Detroit Wolverines with Author Brian “Chip” Martin
051: The Wild & Wacky World Football League with Author Mark Speck
052: The Wild & Wacky World Football League with Author Mark Speck - Part Two
053: NHL Hockey’s Minnesota North Stars with Author Adam Raider
054: Effa Manley & the Negro National League’s Newark Eagles with Biographer Bob Luke
055: Russ Cline and the Birth of Modern-Day Indoor Box Lacrosse
056: The Players’ League of 1890 with Professor Bob Ross
057: The Pro Football Life of Upton Bell
058: The Intersection of Sports & Art with Artist/Designer Wayland Moore
059: Pro Soccer’s Dean of Media Relations, Jim Trecker
060: Baseball’s League That Never Was: The Continental League with Professor Russ Buhite
061: Sports Promoter Doug Verb
062: The Whaler Guys
063: Baseball's Federal League with Author Dan Levitt
064: American Soccer’s “Dark Ages” with Writer Michael J. Agovino
065: The CFL’s American Expansion Experiment with Sportswriter Ed Willes
066: Sports Broadcaster JP Dellacamera
067: Behind-the-Scenes Tales from the Front Office with Thom Meredith
068: The Birth of Major League Baseball’s World Series with SABR Historian Steve Steinberg
069: The “Rebel” World Hockey Association with Ed Willes
070: National Soccer Hall of Fame Coach Al Miller
071: National Soccer Hall of Fame Coach Al Miller - Part Two
072: Baseball’s “Miracle” Boston Braves with Historian Charlie Alexander
073: The Union Association’s Wilmington Quicksteps – with Jon Springer
074: NASL Soccer's Chief Architect Clive Toye
075: The World Hockey Association Hall of Fame with Tim Gassen
076: National Soccer Hall of Fame Coach Gordon Jago
077: Before the NHL’s “Original Six” – With Andrew Ross
078: The United States Football League – With Jeff Pearlman
079: The NHL’s New York/Brooklyn Americans – With Dale Morrisey
080: The AAFC, AFL & the NFL’s Formative 1950s – With Economist David Surdam
081: Roller Hockey International – With Richard Neil Graham
082: AFL & NFL Football All-Star Ron McDole
083: The Baltimore Orioles, Boston Beaneaters & the 1897 NL Pennant Race – With Bill Felber
084: The 1960s-Era NFL Baltimore Colts – With Jack Gilden
085: Houston’s Iconic Astrodome – With Bob Trumpbour
086: The Battle for Dallas: The AFL Texans vs. The NFL Cowboys – With John Eisenberg
087: New York’s Shea Stadium’s Curious 1975 – With Brett Topel
088: The 1968-69 AFL New York Jets – With Bob Lederer
089: The NBA Buffalo Braves – With Tim Wendel
090: The National Football League’s Origin (and Survival) Story – With John Eisenberg
091: NASL Soccer Video Archeology – With Dave Brett Wasser
092: “Retro” Pro Lacrosse History – With Steve Holroyd & Dave Coleman
093: National Soccer Hall of Famer Bobby Smith
094: Major League Baseball’s Seattle Pilots – With Bill Mullins
095: The MISL’s Denver Avalanche – With Former Owner Ron Maierhofer
096: The National Pastime in the Nation’s Capital – With Fred Frommer
097: Pro Football’s Dynastic Cleveland Browns – With Andy Piascik
098: The Original XFL – With Brett Forrest
099: Sports Broadcaster Bob Carpenter
100: WHA Hockey’s New England Whalers – With Former Owner Howard Baldwin
101: New York Yankees Broadcaster John Sterling
102: The World Football League’s Florida Blazers – With Mark Speck
103: MISL Indoor Soccer's Origin Story – With Co-Founder Ed Tepper
104: Big League Baseball in WWII Wartime Washington – With David Hubler & Josh Drazen
105: The World Football League’s Detroit Wheels – With Mark Speck
106: Seattle’s “Sonicsgate” – With Filmmakers Jason Reid & Adam Brown
107: The Havana Sugar Kings & Cuban League Baseball – With César Brioso
108: The “Almost Yankees” of 1981 – With David Herman
109: The NASL Players’ Strike of 1979 – With Steve Holroyd
110: Cleveland’s Historic League Park – With Ken Krsolovic
111: Pro Football’s “League That Didn’t Exist” – With Gary Webster
112: The Once & Future Soccer Legacy of Ft. Lauderdale’s Lockhart Stadium – With Jeff Rusnak
113: The Alliance of American Football – With Conor Orr
114: New York’s Polo Grounds – With Stew Thornley
115: The North American Soccer League’s Rochester Lancers – With Michael Lewis
116: A Thinking Man’s Guide to Defunct Leagues – With Stephen Provost
117: The Chicago Cubs Origin Story – With Jack Bales
118: The Continental Basketball Association – With David Levine
119: The Alliance of American Football Saga Continues – With Michael Rothstein
120: The Portland Timbers’ Origin Story – With Michael Orr
121: More Milwaukee Braves Baseball – With Patrick Steele
122: Black Pioneers of the NASL – With Patrick Horne
123: Ballpark Architecture and the American City – With Paul Goldberger
124: The CFL’s Baltimore Stallions – With Ron Snyder
125: San Jose Sharks Broadcaster Randy Hahn
126: CBA Basketball’s Fort Wayne Fury – With Rob Brown
127: A British View of US Pro Soccer History – With Tom Scholes
128: NASL Soccer’s Chicago Sting – With Mike Conklin
129: ABA Basketball's Origin Story – With Founder Dennis Murphy
130: St. Louis: The Original Soccer City USA – With Dave Lange
131: Calling Balls & Strikes in Baseball’s Negro Leagues – With Byron Motley
132: ABA Basketball Memories – With Hall of Famer Dan Issel
133: Baseball’s Original Miami Marlins – With Sam Zygner
134: The World League of American Football’s London Monarchs – With Alex Cassidy
135: The Curse of the Clippers – With Mick Minas
136: Kansas City vs. Oakland – With Matt Ehrlich
137: Basketball’s Marvin “Bad News” Barnes – With Mike Carey
138: The International Volleyball Association – With Jay Hanseth
139: The NHL’s Kansas City Scouts – With Troy Treasure
140: NFL Football’s Chicago Cardinals – With Joe Ziemba
141: The National Bowling League – With Dr. Jake Schmidt
141.5: The WHA Hall of Fame With Tim Gassen (Archive Re-Release)
142: Birmingham’s Black Barons – With Bill Plott
143: Negro League Superstar Oscar Charleston – With Jeremy Beer
144: Year-End Holiday Spectacular – With Paul Reeths & Andy Crossley
144.5: New York Yankees Broadcaster John Sterling (Archive Re-Release)
145: The United Football League – With Michael Huyghue
146: The NY Cosmos Theme Song – With Musician Steve Ferrone
147: The Dodgers & Giants Bolt West – With Lincoln Mitchell
148: The NHL’s Atlanta Flames (& More!) – With Dan Bouchard
149: “America’s” Soccer League – With Steve Holroyd
150: Major League Baseball Expansion – With Fran Zimniuch
151: “God Save the (Wichita) Wings” – With Adam Knapp & Mike Romalis
152: The Senior Professional Baseball Association – With Peter Golenbock
153: The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League – With Anika Orrock
154: The National Women’s Football League’s Houston Herricanes – With Olivia Kuan
155: The Continental Basketball Association’s Albany Patroons – With Brendan Casey
156: National Soccer Hall of Famer Willy Roy
157: The NASL’s Chicago Sting – With Willy Roy (Part Two)
158: “Stealing” Dodger Stadium – With Eric Nusbaum
159: Chronicling Pro Sports’ “Major” Leagues – With Tom Brucato
160: “Soccertown USA” – With Tom McCabe & Kirk Rudell
161: Jim Bouton: Baseball Original – With Mitch Nathanson
161.5: Basketball’s Marvin “Bad News” Barnes – With Mike Carey (Archive Re-Release)
162: Les Expos de Montréal – Avec Danny Gallagher
163: Once Again, The XFL is Done (Or Is It?) – With ESPN’s Kevin Seifert
164: Negro League Baseball’s Atlantic City Bacharach Giants – With Jim Overmyer
165: Pioneers of AAGPBL Baseball – With Kat Williams
166: MISL Soccer’s Los Angeles Lazers – With Ronnie Weinstein
167: The “Down Goes Brown” History of the NHL – With Sean McIndoe
168: Cumberland Posey’s Negro League Homestead Grays – With Jim Overmyer
169: The Columbus Chill – With David Paitson & Craig Merz
170: The 1969 Washington Senators – With Steve Walker
171: Pittsburgh's Pro Hoops History – With Stephen J. Nesbitt
172: The Forgotten Pro Teams of New Orleans – With Nick Weldon
173: Ontario Speedway, The International Race of Champions & More – With Dave Lockton
174: WUSA, WPS & NWSL Soccer – With Beau Dure
175: Cycling's Tour de Trump – With Peter Nye
176: The Continental Indoor Soccer League – With Ronnie Weinstein
177: The (Original) Winnipeg Jets – With Curtis Walker
178: "PF's Tape Recorder" - With P.F. Wilson (Vacation Special)
179: WHA Hockey "Lost & Found" - With Dennis Murphy
180: Washington NFL Football's "R-Word" - With Rich King
181: Columbus' IHL Hockey Heritage - With Eric Weltner
182: National League Baseball's Cleveland Spiders - With Eric Nusbaum
183: Negro League Baseball's "Invisible Men" - With Donn Rogosin
184: Birmingham's Quixotic Quest for Pro Pigskin - With Scott Adamson
185: NHL Hockey by Design - With Chris Creamer & Todd Radom
186: Negro Leaguers & Baseball's Hall of Fame - With Steven Greenes
187: The Original World Team Tennis - With Steven Blush
188: The Original National Lacrosse League - With Dave Coleman & Steve Holroyd
189: The Houston Oilers - With Fr. Ed Fowler
190: Philadelphia Hockey Beyond the Flyers - With Alan Bass
191: National League Baseball's 1900 Contraction - With Bob Bailey
192: The Oakland/California Clippers - With Derek Liecty
193: Ebbets Field Flannels - With Jerry Cohen
194: Hockey's 1972 "Summit Series" - With Rich Bendell
195: Second-Annual Year-End Holiday Spectacular!
195.5: Musician Steve Ferrone (Archive Re-Release)
196: Baltimore's "Ghosts of 33rd Street" - With Troy Lowman
197: Colorado "Rocky Hockey" - With Terry Frei
198: Johnny Buss
199: The 1974 "Forgotten" Summit Series - With Craig Wallace
200: C.C. Pyle's "Bunion Derby" - With Geoff Williams
201: Eddie "The Mogul" Gottlieb - With Rich Westcott
202: The Hilldale Club - With Neil Lanctot
203: Seattle's Once (+ Future?) SuperSonics - With Jon Finkel
204: WHA Hockey Completism - With Scott Surgent
205: Philly's "Vet" - With Tom Garvey
206: The Life & Teams of Johnny F. Bassett - With Denis Crawford
207: Basketball's Philadelphia SPHAs - With Doug Stark
208: The Hollywood Stars - With Dan Taylor
209: The Eastern Professional Basketball League - With Syl Sobel & Jay Rosenstein
210: An Unlikely Negro League Story - With Cam Perron
211: The Short Life of Hughie McLoon - With Allen Abel
212: Horace Stoneham & the New York Giants - With Steve Treder
213: European Soccer's (Not So) "Super League" - With Ian Plenderleith
214: The Boston Minutemen & New England Tea Men - With Steve Gans
215: "Toffee Soccer" - With David France & Rob Sawyer
216: Auto Racing's "Indy Split" - With John Oreovicz
217: The Other Side(s) of Wilt - With Robert Cherry
218: Baseball Goes to War - With Gary Bedingfield
219: Graham "Buster" Tutt
220: The National Girls Baseball League - With Adam Chu
221: Can the MASL Recapture Indoor Soccer's Glory Days? - With Michael Lewis
222: The Inaugural International Race of Champions - With Matt Stone
223: ABA Hoops & More - With Jim O'Brien
223.5: Dennis Murphy, RIP (Archive Re-Release)
224: "The Football Odyssey" - With Aron Harris (Vacation Special)
225: The Cleveland Barons - With Gary Webster
226: The New York Cosmos - With Steve Hunt
226.5: Kyle Rote, Jr. (Archive Re-Release)
227: "Alliances Broken" - With Steven Potter
228: Candlestick Park - With Steven Travers
229: US Soccer's First Pro Leagues - With Brian Bunk
230: The 1981 Springbok Rugby Union Tour - With Derek Catsam
231: The 1956 Los Angeles Angels - With Gaylon White
232: DC Hoops History - With Brett Abrams
233: “The NFL Today” - With Rich Podolsky
234: "Big-Time Soccer" - With Rachel Viollet
235: The Hartford Whalers - With Pat Pickens
236: Las Vegas Motorsports & the Mob - With Randy Cannon
237: Pro Sports in Atlanta - It's Complicated (With Clayton Trutor)
238: The National Women's Football League - With Britni de la Cretaz & Lyndsey D'Arcangelo
238.5: (PROMO DROP) "The Thom and Hawk Football Show"
239: The Minneapolis Lakers & the NBA's First Dynasty - With Marcus Thompson
240: The USFL Returns (Sort Of) - With Scott Adamson
241: Philadelphia's Spectrum - With Lou Scheinfeld
242: Pittsburgh's Civic Arena ("The Igloo") - With Dave Finoli
243: The 3rd Annual Year-End Holiday Roundtable Spectacular!
243.5: Arena Football League Founder Jim Foster [Archive Re-Release]
243.6: Arena Football League Founder Jim Foster - Part Two [Archive Re-Release]
244: "Dixieball" - With Thomas Aiello
245: Integrating the Negro Leagues - With Sean Forman
246: The Pittsburgh Maulers - With Tom Rooney
247: The St. Louis Browns - With Ed Wheatley
248: 2004's Pro Cricket - With Steve Holroyd
248.5: Baseball’s Continental League - With Professor Russ Buhite [Archive Re-Release]
249: New York Cosmos Soccer - With Werner Roth
250: Arena Football's New York Dragons - With Gregg Sarra
251: The Indoor Soccer Travails of Keith Tozer
252: "A False Spring" - With Pat Jordan
252.5: The TVS Television Network - With Howard Zuckerman [Archive Re-Release]
253: "Out of Their League" - With Dave Meggyesy
254: American League Baseball Expansion/Relocation History - With Andy McCue
255: Minnesota's Metropolitan Stadium - With Stew Thornley
256: The Women's Professional Basketball League (WBL) Player Roundtable
257: New York's Shea Stadium - With Matthew Silverman
258: The (Original) USFL's Washington Federals - With Jake Russell
259: Howard Baldwin Returns!
260: The World Football League - With Ryan Hockensmith
261: Baseball's Most Unlikely Hall of Famer? - With Tom Alesia
262: The Cincinnati Royals - With Gerry Schultz
263: "The Football History Dude" - With Arnie Chapman (Vacation Special)
264: Baseball's Union Association - With Justin Mckinney
265: The Charlotte Hornets - With Muggsy Bogues
265.5: MISL Memories - With Michael Menchel [Archive Re-Release]
265.6: The CFL’s American Expansion Experiment - With Ed Willes [Archive Re-Release]
266: The Series That Changed Hockey Forever - With Scott Morrison
267: Pro Football's Kenny Washington - With Dan Taylor
268: Behind the Scenes - With Charlie Evranian
269: The NHL's "Coca-Cola Bottlers' Cup" - With Steve Currier
270: US Soccer's "Generation Zero" - With Hal Phillips
271: Minor League Baseball's "Grinders" - With Mike Capps
272: "A League of Their Own" - With Desta Tedros Reff
273: The WHA’s Minnesota Fighting Saints - With Dan Whenesota
274: "Absurd" Pro Soccer History - With Pablo Maurer
275: Kansas City As & Houston Colt .45s Memories - With Addie Beth Denton
276: The Toledo Troopers - With Steve Guinan
277: Winnipeg Jets & Phoenix Coyotes Hockey - With Curt Keilback
278: Philly's "Last Sports Mogul" - With Alan Bass