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Hidden Brain: A Sneak Peek
Episode 1: Switchtracking
Episode 2: Near Victories
Brain Bonus: Magic Brain
Episode 3: Stereotype Threat
Episode 4: Students and Teachers
Episode 5: Compassion
Episode 6: The Science of Fear
Episode 7: Lonely Hearts
Episode 8: Back Up Plans
Episode 9: Aziz Ansari on Modern Love
Episode 10: Thanksgiving
Episode 11: Forgery
Episode 12: Humor
Episode 13: Terrorism
Episode 14: Christmas
Episode 15: Loss and Renewal
Encore of Episode 3: Stereotype Threat
Episode 16: Misbehaving
Episode 17: Resolutions
Episode 18: The Paradox of Forgiveness
Encore of Episode 2: Near Victories
Episode 19: Dating and Mating
Episode 20: Remembering Anarcha
Episode 21: Stroke of Genius
Episode 22: Originals
Encore of Episode 9: Aziz Ansari on Modern Love
Episode 23: Boredom
Episode 24: Tribes and Traitors
Episode 25: Dream Jobs
Episode 26: Grit
Encore of Episode 16: Misbehaving
Episode 27: Losing Alaska
Episode 28: #AirbnbWhileBlack
Episode 29: Traffic
Episode 30: WOOP, There It Is
Episode 31: Your Brain on Uber
Episode 32: The Scientific Process
Episode 33: Food for Thought
Episode 34: Google at Work
Encore of Episode 13: Terrorism
Episode 35: Creature Comforts
Episode 36: Science of Deception
Episode 37: Smoke & Mirrors
Episode 38: Me, Me, Me
Episode 39: Vacations
Encore of Episode 7: Lonely Hearts
Episode 40: Silver and Gold
Episode 41: Defeated
Encore of Episode 11: Forgery
Episode 42: Decide Already!
Encore of Episode 21: Stroke of Genius
Episode 43: The Perils of Power
Episode 44: Our Politics, Our Parenting
Update: #AirbnbWhileBlack
Trailer: Hidden Brain 2.0
Episode 45: What Are The Odds?
Episode 46: Blessings in Disguise?
Episode 47: Give Me Your Tired...
Episode 48: Men: 44, Women: 0
Episode 49: Filthy Rich
Episode 50: Broken Windows
Encore of Episode 27: Losing Alaska
Episode 51: What Happened?
Episode 52: Losing Face
Episode 53: Embrace the Chaos
Episode 54: Panic in the Streets
Episode 55: Snooki and the Handbag
Encore of Episode 32: The Scientific Process
Encore of Episode 15: Loss and Renewal
Episode 56: Getting Unstuck
Episode 57: Slanguage
Episode 58: Pedestals and Guillotines
Episode 59: The Deep Story
Episode 60: Fortress America
Encore of Episode 20: Remembering Anarcha
Episode 61: Just Sex
Episode 62: On The Knife's Edge
Ep. 63: "I'm Not A Terrorist..."
Encore of Ep. 24: Tribes and Traitors
Ep. 64: I'm Right, You're Wrong
Episode 65: Tunnel Vision
Ep. 66: Liar, Liar
Ep. 67: The Hole
Encore of Ep. 35: Creature Comforts
Ep. 68: Schadenfacebook
Episode 69: Money Talks
Ep. 70: Who We Are At 2 A.M.
Encore of Ep. 45: What Are The Odds?
Ep. 71: The Fox and the Hedgehog
Me, Myself, and IKEA
Broken Windows
In The Air We Breathe
Rap on Trial
"Is he Muslim?"
Guessing Games
Losing Face
Could You Kill A Robot?
Summer Melt
You 2.0: Deep Work
You 2.0: Dream Jobs
You 2.0: Embrace the Chaos
You 2.0: WOOP, There It Is
You 2.0: Decide Already!
You 2.0: Getting Unstuck
Hiding Behind Free Speech
Regrets, I Have A Few...
The Ostrich Effect
Just Sex
Be The Change
The Edge of Gender
The Good Old Days
Misbehaving with Richard Thaler
Radio Replay: What's In It For Me?
Check Yourself
Radio Replay: Prisons of Our Own Making
Eyes Wide Open: Part 1
Eyes Wide Open: Part 2
Radio Replay: Crime As A Disease
An American Secret
Money Talks
Radio Replay: Life, Interrupted
The Sorting Hat
Radio Replay: Loving the Lie
Never Go To Vegas
Radio Replay: Don't Panic!
I'm Right, You're Wrong
Radio Replay: Fresh Starts
Buying Attention
E Pluribus Unum?
Radio Replay: I, Robot
Give Me Your Tired...
Alan Alda Wants Us To Have Better Conversations
Radio Replay: The Power Hour
Lost in Translation
Why Now?
When Did Marriage Become So Hard?
Filthy Rich
Counting Other People's Blessings
Men: 45, Women: 0
Think Fast with Daniel Kahneman
Radio Replay: The Mind of the Village
The Lonely American Man
Crickets and Cannibals
Tunnel Vision
Liar, Liar
Romeo and Juliet in Kigali
Radio Replay: The Weight of Our Words
Emma, Carrie, Vivian
The Fox and the Hedgehog
Rap on Trial
Baby Talk
Radio Replay: This Is Your Brain On Ads
Rewinding & Rewriting
When Everything Clicks
Hungry, Hungry Hippocampus
Summer Melt
Radio Replay: Looking Back
Fake News: An Origin Story
The Edge Effect
Snooki and the Handbag
Creating God
Radio Replay: Watch Your Mouth
You 2.0: Rebel With A Cause
You 2.0: Dream Jobs
You 2.0: The Ostrich Effect
You 2.0: When Did Marriage Become So Hard?
You 2.0: Originals
You 2.0: Check Yourself
Bullshit Jobs
Our Better Nature
The Cassandra Curse
Radio Replay: Eyes Wide Open
Why Now?
"Man Up"
Red Brain, Blue Brain
Voting With Your Middle Finger
Be The Change
Radio Replay: Too Little, Too Much
The Lazarus Drug
Sounds Like a Winner
Zipcode Destiny
The Edge of Gender
Radio Replay: Bringing Up Baby
A Founding Contradiction
Spoiler Alert!
Starving the Watchdog
Alan Alda Wants Us To Have Better Conversations
Radio Replay: Yum and Yuck
Loss and Renewal
The Cowboy Philosopher
The Best Medicine
The Vegetable Lamb
Rewinding & Rewriting
Radio Replay: Creative Differences
One Head, Two Brains
Close Enough
Emma, Carrie, Vivian
Better Than Cash
Radio Replay: Playing The Gender Card
For Sale, By Owner
Unreal Sex
Never Go To Vegas
What Twins Tell Us
Don't Panic!
Radically Normal
The Sorting Hat
Why No One Feels Rich
A Dramatic Cure
Creating God
What's Not On The Test
Losing Face
More Divided Than Ever?
People Like Us
Me, Myself, and IKEA
Our Animal Instincts
The Lazarus Drug
I Buy, Therefore I Am
The Fox And The Hedgehog
Finding Your Voice
Facts Aren't Enough
You 2.0: The Empathy Gym
You 2.0: Tunnel Vision
You 2.0: Our Better Nature
You 2.0: Rebel With A Cause
You 2.0: Deep Work
You 2.0: Decide Already!
You Can't Hit Unsend
We're All Gonna Die!
We're All Gonna Live Forever!
Baby Talk
Screaming Into The Void
The Lonely American Man
The Monkey Marketplace
BS Jobs
The Talk Market
Hungry, Hungry Hippocampus
The Ventilator
Counting Other People's Blessings
In The Heat Of The Moment
Zipcode Destiny
Did That Really Happen?
Why We Love Surprises
Creatures Of Habit
On The Knife's Edge
Emotional Currency
Warnings, Warnings Everywhere
Secret Friends
When Things Click
Passion Isn't Enough
Liar, Liar, Liar
The Influence You Have
The Tale of the Cowboy Philosopher
The Bomb That Didn't Explode
Panic In The Street
An Unfinished Lesson
Close Enough: Living Through Others
Playing Tight And Loose
Sex Machines
A Social Prescription
Starving The Watchdogs
The Choices Before Us
The Dramatic Cure
A Hidden Brain Commencement Address
Our Better Angels
The People Like Us
The Time Machine
Justifying The Means
Playing Favorites
The Air We Breathe
A Rap on Trial
Buy, Borrow, Steal
The Founding Contradiction
The Night That Lasted A Lifetime
Romeo & Juliet In Rwanda
The Untold Story Of Lyndie B. Hawkins
Edge Effect
You 2.0: Our Pursuit of Happiness
You 2.0: The Mind's Eye
You 2.0: Loss And Renewal
You 2.0: WOOP, WOOP!
You 2.0: Empathy Gym
The Fee-for-Service Monster
Why Nobody Feels Rich
The Halo Effect
Laughter: The Best Medicine
An Update from Shankar
The Logic of Rage
Beyond Doomscrolling
Moral Combat
Not at the Dinner Table
From Pedestals to Guillotines
Between Two Worlds
When You Start to Miss Tony from Accounting
Where Gratitude Gets You
A Conspiracy of Silence
Screaming into a Void
Minimizing Pain, Maximizing Joy
Waiting Games
A Creature of Habit
The Double Standard
The Secret Life of Secrets
Our Brands, Our Selves
Afraid of the Wrong Things
The Easiest Person to Fool
How They See Us
Love is Blind
Is It Better to Know?
Creating God
The Match
The Snowball Effect
Radically Normal
The Story of Stories
The Story of Your Life
Made of Honor
Useful Delusions
An Unfinished Lesson
Humor Us
Unsung Hero: A Cold Nevada Night
Why Conversations Go Wrong
Deb Pierce: My Unsung Hero
One Head, Two Brains
Josh Gitelson: My Unsung Hero
The Fake Bride
Our Noisy Minds
Tribes and Traitors
Loss and Renewal
Why We Hold on to Things
This is Your Brain on Ads
What are the Odds?
The Power of Mercy
The Power of Apologies
What Twins Tell Us
The Influence You Have
You, But Better
Playing the Gender Card
Stage Fright
Losing Alaska
You 2.0: Cultivating Your Purpose
You 2.0: In the Heat of the Moment
You 2.0: When Did Marriage Become So Hard?
You 2.0: Did That Really Happen?
You 2.0: Regrets, I Have a Few...
Where Happiness Hides
Just Sex
Group Think
Introducing My Unsung Hero
Passion Isn't Enough
When You Need It To Be True
My Unsung Hero: Jackie Briggs' Story
Being Kind to Yourself
The Halo Effect
My Unsung Hero: Rick Mangnall's Story
We Broke the Planet. Now What?
Work 2.0: The Obstacles You Don't See
Work 2.0: Game On!
My Unsung Hero: Terri Powers' Story
Work 2.0: Life, Interrupted
Work 2.0: Rebel with a Cause
My Unsung Hero: Tony Ludlow's Story
Work 2.0: The One-Room Commute
Both Things Can Be True
My Unsung Hero: Leah Bartell's Story
The Psychology of Self-Doubt
Bringing Up Baby
My Unsung Hero: Justin Horner's Story
Creatures of Habit
Choose Carefully
Changing Behavior, Not Beliefs
My Unsung Hero: Wendy McDowell's Story
What Makes Relationships Thrive
Minimizing Pain, Maximizing Joy
My Unsung Hero: Sanaa Kerroumi's Story
Mind Reading 2.0: Why did you do that?
Mind Reading 2.0: How others see you
Mind Reading 2.0: The Double Standard
Mind Reading 2.0: Our Better Angels
Mind Reading 2.0: Why Conversations Go Wrong
Putting Our Assumptions to the Test
The Benefits of Mixed Emotions
You Can't Hit Unsend
How to Change the World
You Don't Need a Crystal Ball
Healing Your Heart
How Rude!
A Conspiracy of Silence
When Doing Right Feels Wrong
The Logic of Rage
Money 2.0: Rewrite Your Money Story
Money 2.0: Why We Bust Our Budgets
Money 2.0: Emotional Currency
Money 2.0: The Rich and the Rest of Us
Money 2.0: Let's Go Shopping!
Do Less
Why You're Smarter Than You Think
The Premonition
A Founding Contradiction
What We Gain from Pain
Separating Yourself from the Pack
Reframing Your Reality: Part 1
Reframing Your Reality: Part 2
You 2.0: Befriending Your Inner Voice
You 2.0: How To See Yourself Clearly
You 2.0: The Mind's Eye
You 2.0: Overcoming Stage Fright
You 2.0: How to Open Your Mind
Making the World a Safer Place
Decoding Emotions
How to Really Know Another Person
Taking Control of Your Time