Maed in India

Nikhil D’Souza
Ep. 02 feat. The Koniac Net
Ep. 03 feat. Laxmi Bomb
Ep. 04 feat. Mohit Mukhi
Ep. 05 feat. Duncun Rufus
Ep. 06 feat. The Other People
Ep. 07 feat. Last Remaining Light
Ep. 08 feat. Yohan Marshall & The Mischiefs
Ep. 09 feat. Ankur Tewari
Ep. 10 feat. Grey Area
Ep. 11 feat. Akash Vincent
Ep. 12 feat. Bombay Acoustic People
Ep. 13 feat. Best Acoustic Songs
Ep. 14 feat. Vasuda Sharma
Ep. 15 feat. Jose Neil Gomes
Ep. 16 feat. Tejas Menon
Ep. 17 feat. Awkward Bong
Ep. 18 feat. Alisha Pais
Ep. 19 feat. Sur
Ep. 20 feat. Zoya Mohan
Ep. 21 feat. Stones from the Sun
Ep. 22 feat. Blushing Satellite
Ep. 23 feat. Prathamesh Tambe
Ep. 24 feat. Geetu Hinduja
Ep. 25 feat. Anand Bhaskar Collective
Ep. 26 feat. Rohit Vasudevan
Ep. 27 feat. Nirmika Singh
Ep. 28 feat. Sofia Ashraf
Ep. 29 feat. Filter Coffee
Ep. 30 - Best of Acoustic Sessions Part 2
Ep. 31 feat. Enkore
Ep. 32 feat. Punk On Toast
Ep. 33 feat. Gowri
Ep. 34 feat. Bombay Bassment
Ep. 35 Mae Selecta
Ep. 36 feat. The Tripp
Ep. 37 Mae Selecta
Ep. 38 feat. The F16's
Ep. 39 feat. Arjun S Ravi (Part 1)
Ep. 40 feat. Arjun S Ravi (Part 2)
Ep. 41 feat. The Fringe Pop
Ep. 42 feat. Vernon Noronha
Ep. 43 feat Rebecca Nazz
Ep. 44 feat. Warren Mendonsa
Ep. 45 feat. Nush Lewis
Ep.46 feat. Karsh Kale
Ep.47 feat. Jishnu Guha
Ep.48 feat. Barefaced Liar
Ep.49 feat. Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip
Ep. 50 Best of Maed In India
Ep. 51 feat. feat Aditya Balani
Ep. 52 feat. Fossil
Ep. 53 feat. feat Shadow and Light
Ep. 54 feat. Naezy
Ep. 55 feat. Naina Kundu
Ep. 56 feat. Euphoria
Ep. 57 feat. Mali
Ep. 58 feat. The Fanculos
Ep. 59 feat. Aarifah Rebello
Ep. 60 feat. Prateek Kuhad
Ep. 61 feat. Neeraj Arya's Kabir Cafe
Ep. 62 feat. Abeineth
Ep. 63 feat. Lawntuba
Ep. 64 feat. Shubhangi Joshi
Ep. 65 feat. Sri
Ep. 66 feat. Kaly Aani
Ep. 67 feat. Easy Wanderlings
Ep.68 feat. Spud In The Box
Ep.70 feat. Ramya Pothuri
Ep.71 feat. Su real
Ep.72 feat. Bianca Love
Ep.73 feat. Abhinab Dan
Ep.74 feat. Hard Kaur
Ep.75 feat. The Family Cheese
Ep.76 feat. Donn Bhat
Ep.77 feat. Mohit Mukhi Trio
Ep.78 feat. Sanjay Divecha and Secret
Ep.79 feat. Ink of Bard
Ep.80: Mae’s Top Picks of 2016
Ep. 81 feat. Ankur & The Ghalat Family
Ep. 82 feat. Dhruv Visvanath
Ep. 83 feat. Zamee
Ep.84 feat. Chayan & Smiti
Ep.85 feat. Kamakshi Khanna
Ep.86 feat. Daira
Ep.87 feat. Randolph Correia
Ep.88 feat. Ranjit Arapurakal
Ep. 89 feat. SETI X
Ep. 90: Ladies Special: Part I
Ep.91 - Ladies Special: Part II
Ep.92 feat. Sandunes
Ep.93 feat. Caralisa Monteiro
Ep.94 feat. Raaginder
Ep.95 feat. Raia
Ep.96 feat. Rajesh Ravi
Ep.97 feat. Short Round
A Message From Mae
Ep.98 feat. Zoya Mohan
Ep.99 feat. Bone Broke
Ep.100 feat. Indian Ocean
Ep. 101 feat. OSVY
Ep. 102 feat. The Yellow Diary
Ep. 103 feat. Bulli Bainbridge
Ep. 104 feat. Apache Indian
Ep. 105 feat. Your Chin
Ep. 106 feat. DCF vs Madfingers
Ep. 107 feat. Joshish
Ep. 108 feat. Neel Adhikari
Ep.109 feat. Gino Banks
Ep. 110 feat. Uday Benegal
Ep. 111 feat. Borkung Hrangkhawl
Ep. 112 feat. Runt
Ep. 113 feat. Joel and Desiree
Ep.114 Maed In India Live 1.0 feat. Blackstratblues
Ep. 115 feat. Dossers Urge
Ep. 116 feat. Kavish Seth
Ep. 117: Maed In India Live 2.0
Ep.118 feat. Tejas
Ep. 119 feat. Aditi Ramesh
Ep. 120 feat. OX7GEN
Ep. 121 feat. Aarya
Ep. 122 feat. Sooraj Bishnoi
Ep. 123 feat. Pravaah
Ep. 124 feat. Second Sight
Ep. 125 feat. Parvaaz
Ep. 126: An Important Message
Ep. 127: Wriddh
Shah Rule
Ep. 129: Maed In India Live 4.0 with Swarathma
Ep. 130: Alluri
Ep. 131: feat. Folk Masti
Ep. 132: feat. Kush Upadhyay
Ep. 133: Best of 2017
Ep. 134: Madame Gandhi
Sneak Peek: Ladies Compartment
Ladies Compartment
Sneak Peek: Smalltalk
Sneak Peek: Funktuation
Sneak Peek: ViceVersa
Sneak Peek: The Colour Compound
The Colour Compound
Sneak Peek: Prateek Kuhad
Prateek Kuhad
Sneak Peek: Dhruv Visvanath
Dhruv Visvanath
Sneak Peek: Calico
Sneak Peek: Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson
Sneak Peek: EveryNowHere
Sneak Peek: UNOHU
Sneak Peek: Copacetic Mixtape
Maed Mixtape - Copacetic
Sneak Peek: Paradigm Shift
Paradigm Shift
Sneak Peek: Aadar Malik
Aadar Malik
Sneak Peek: Kimochi Youkai
Kimochi Youkai
Sneak Peek: Chabuk
Sneak Peek: Sky Level
Sky Level
Sneak Peek: Raghav Meattle
Raghav Meattle
Sneak Peek: When Chai Met Toast
When Chai Met Toast
Sneak Peek: Sunit Zadav
Sunit Zadav
Sneak Peek: Marshall & the Mischief
Marshall & The Mischief
Naezy (Rebroadcast)
Sneak Peek: Best of 2018
Best of 2018
Sneak Peek: Ape Echoes
Ape Echoes
Sneak Peek: Daira
Sneak Peek: Kamakshi Khanna Collective
Kamakshi Khanna Collective
Sneak Peek: Enkore
Sneak Peek: Sid Sriram
Sid Sriram
Sneak Peek: Voctronica
Sneak Peek: Ladies Special
Ladies Special
Sneak Peek: Rounak Maiti
Rounak Maiti
Sneak Peek: The Fanculos
The Fanculos
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - You Got Mail
Maed Mixtape - You Got Mail
Sneak Peek: The Koniac Net
The Koniac Net
Sneak Peek: Beard of Harmony
Beard of Harmony
Sneak Peek: Corner Cafe Chronicles
Corner Cafe Chronicles
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Just One More
Maed Mixtape - Just One More
Sneak Peek: Swadesi
Sneak Peek: Shorthand
Sneak Peek: Happy 4th Birthday MAEd
Happy 4th Birthday MAEd
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Late Lateef
Maed Mixtape - Late Lateef
Sneak Peek: The Derelicts
The Derelicts
Sneak Peek: Out of Autumn
Out of Autumn
Sneak Peek: Aankh Micholi
Aankh Micholi
Sneak Peek: MC Manmeet Kaur
MC Manmeet Kaur
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Enthu Cutlet
Maed Mixtape - Enthu Cutlet
Sneak Peek: Sharma and the Besharams
Sharma and the Besharams
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Tea Time
Maed Mixtape - Tea Time
Sneak Peek: Fox in the Garden
Fox In the Garden
Sneak Peek: Gully Gang Cypher (Feat. Shah Rule and D'evil)
Gully Gang Cypher feat. Shah Rule and D'evil
Sneak Peek: Abhilasha Sinha
Abhilasha Sinha
Sneak Peek: Hanita Bhambri
Hanita Bhambri
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Black T-Shirt
Maed Mixtape - Black T-Shirt
Sneak Peek: Pakshee
Sneak Peek: Blackstratblues
Sneak Peek: aswekeepsearching
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Paavam
Maed Mixtape - Paavam
Sneak Peek: Fame the Band
Fame the Band
Sneak Peek: AR Divine
AR Divine
Sneak Peek: InRegalia
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Missed Call
Maed Mixtape - Missed Call
Sneak Peek: Fuzzculture
Sneak Peek: Shashaa Tirupati
Shashaa Tirupati
Sneak Peek: Ditty
Sneak Peek: Heat Sink
Heat Sink
Sneak Peek: Best of 2019
Best of 2019
Sneak Peek: Nikhil D’Souza
Nikhil D’Souza
Sneak Peek: Parvaaz
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Resolutions
Maed Mixtape - Resolutions
Sneak Peek: Taba Chake
Taba Chake
Sneak Peek: Seedhe Maut
Seedhe Maut
Sneak Peek: Azamaan Hoyvoy
Azamaan Hoyvoy
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Revolutions
Maed Mixtape - Revolutions
Sneak Peek: Bawari Basanti
Bawari Basanti
Sneak Peek: Saltwater
Sneak Peek: Karshni
Sneak Peek: Kanchan Daniel
Kanchan Daniel
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Run The World
Maed Mixtape: Run The World
Sneak Peek: Triple Shuffle
Triple Shuffle
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Pani Puri
Maed Mixtape: Pani Puri
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Maetrix
Maed Mixtape: Maetrix
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Maeple
Maed Mixtape: Maeple
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Maehem
Maed Mixtape: Maehem
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Maeven
Maed Mixtape: Maeven
Across Seconds - Sneak Peek
Across Seconds
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Upside Down
Maed Mixtape - Upside Down
Sneak Peek - Sarathy Korwar
Sarathy Korwar
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Pyjama Party
Maed Mixtape - Pyjama Party
Maed Mixtape: MAED4TOTO
Shan Vincent de Paul
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Our Neighbours Pt.1
Maed Mixtape: Our Neighbours Pt.1
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Our Neighbours Pt.2
Maed Mixtape: Our Neighbours Pt.2
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Pillow
Maed Mixtape: Pillow
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Bhindi
Maed Mixtape: Bhindi
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Breathe
Maed Mixtape - Breathe
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Cuddles
Maed Mixtape - Cuddles
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Coconut
Maed Mixtape - Coconut
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Diary
Maed Mixtape - Diary
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Walls
Maed Mixtape - Walls
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Positive
Maed Mixtape - Positive
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Farewell
Maed Mixtape - Farewell
Best of 2020
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - FOMO
Maed Mixtape - FOMO
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Falooda
Maed Mixtape - Falooda
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Payasam
Maed Mixtape - Payasam
Ladies Special - 1
Ladies Special - 2
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - More Ladies
Maed Mixtape - More Ladies
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Phool
Maed Mixtape - Phool
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Maebe
Maed Mixtape - Maebe
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Maentenance
Maed Mixtape - Maentenance
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Fast Forward
Maed Mixtape - Fast Forward
Maed Mixtape - Rewind
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Emoji
Maed Mixtape - Emoji
Sneak Peek: Maed Mixtape - Vacay
Maed Mixtape - Vacay
The Lit Pickers × Maed: The Crossover
Our Neighbours 2021
Natasha Noorani
Diwas Gurung
Dads In The Park
A For Aleph
Temsu Clover
Bhrigu Sahni
The Lightyears Explode
Shilpa Ananth
Easy Wanderlings - Rebroadcast
Aditi Ramesh - Rebroadcast
Apache Indian - Rebroadcast
Zoya Mohan - Rebroadcast
Uday Benegal - Rebroadcast
Hard Kaur - Rebroadcast
Ramya Pothuri
Aakash Mehta
Gouri and Aksha - Ladies Special 2022
Nush Lewis & Kamakshi Khanna - Ladies Special 2022
The Dasgupta Sisters - Ladies Special 2022
Sanjeeta Bhattacharya & Tanmaya Bhatnagar - Ladies Special 2022
Aanchal Bordoloi
RANJ & Clifr
Tribemama Marykali
Alvin Presley
Trance Effect
Where Did They Go? - Calico
Where Did They Go? - Kimochi Youkai
Where Did They Go? - The Tripp
Where Did They Go? - Spud In The Box