Maed in India

Maed Mixtape - Black T-Shirt

In honour of our grand merch store opening, we bring you our Black T-shirt Mixtape that takes you through our exciting October episode releases and brings you closer to some of that spicy new music coming out of this country. From post-rock, pop rock, to electro, hip hop and Carnatic jazz fusion. This Mixtape has no particular theme except to pay homage to the black t-shirt brigade who frequent our delightful indie gig scene and to inaugurate our Maed Merch Shop. Support, love and purchases at


Song List:

aswekeepsearching - Rooh (01:26 - 05:46)

Takar Nabam - Made Me Believe (07:19 - 13:35)

Nothing Anonymous - Pieces (14:27 - 19:22)

Bawari Basanti - Izehar (20:36 - 22:44)

Blackstratblues - Random Improv At Sunset (23:54 - 27:51)

Your Chin - Horticulturist (28:31 - 32:55)

Aditi Ramesh - Origin (33:29 - 38:39)

Dualist Inquiry ft. Sanchal Malhar - You & Me (39:55 - 44:21)


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Host: Mae




Audio Editor Post: Vijay Doiphode

Video Directed/Edited: Jishnu 'Short Round' Guha



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