Mosaic of China 英语脱口秀

s01e02 The Chinese Comedian (Maple ZUO, from Inner Mongolia)

This week’s recording is with Maple Zuo, an up-and-coming comedian based in Shanghai. Maple has amazing energy, which I hope you can hear in this conversation. We start off by talking about her comedy set, and how her approach is different in English versus Chinese. But we then veer into some unexpectedly dark territory, so there’s part of this chat which might not be suitable for all audiences. We discuss some interesting details about her family background growing up in Inner Mongolia. Thankfully the things she mentions have no bearing on the situation there today. 

Maple Zuo’s Object: Her fancy Tom Ford lipstick

Maple Zuo’s favourite WeChat sticker: Chibi Maruko-chan.

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Maple Zuo’s favourite restaurant: 百川 (Bǎichuān).

Maple Zuo’s favourite destination in China: The Blue Tears of God (Yamdrok Lake) in Tibet.

Maple Zuo’s selfie with Oscar.

Maple Zuo’s Reference: TF Boys.

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