Mosaic of China

Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs - Season 1 Trailer
The Entertainment Prince (Philippe GAS, Disney Shanghai CEO)
The Chinese Comedian (Maple ZUO, from Inner Mongolia)
The China/Africa Correspondent (Eric OLANDER, American Journalist)
The Symphonic Siren (Astrid POGHOSYAN, Armenian Violinist)
The Bubbles Wizard (Jorge LUZIO, China Marketing for Sprite & Fanta at Coca-Cola)
The Product Pioneer (Gina LI, CEO and Co-Founder, Beach IoT)
The Symmetry Breakfaster (Michael ZEE, Instagram Influencer)
The Sweat Sister (Vy VU, FitFam Community Leader)
The Workplace Documentarian (Noah SHELDON, Filmmaker)
The Luxury Manager (Lori LI, General Manager, Yongfoo Elite)
The Inclusion Architect (Sebastien DENES, Greater China Senior Executive, SAP)
The Refugee Researcher (Yael FARJUN, CEO, ChinaClickGo)
The Prolific Playwright (Nick YU, Artistic Director, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre)
The Aquarium Queen (Emily MADGE, Asia Head of Conservation, Sea Life)
The FinTech Philosopher (Srinivas YANAMANDRA, NDB)
Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs - Bonus Episode on ”Community”
The Urban Artist (Nini SUM, IdleBeats)
The Aussie Opportunist (Simon MANETTI, Kantar Consulting)
The Jewelry Craftsman (Angie WU, AWÜ Studio)
The Events Entrepreneur (Stephane DE MONTGROS, Riviera Events)
The Cookie Empress (Lexie COMSTOCK, Strictly Cookies)
The Broadcast Master (YANG Yi, Co-Founder, JustPod)
The Immersive Producer (Roz COLEMAN, Sleep No More)
The Running Addict (Greg NANCE, Ultramarathon Runner and CEO)
The Ode Decoder (Gigi CHANG, Literary Translator)
The Consular Kiwi (Tom BARKER, New Zealand Deputy Consul-General)
The Dance Curator (Sabrina CHEN, Shanghai International Dance Center)
The Music Man (Abe DEYO, Tour Manager, Live Nation)
The Pain Whisperer (Lissanthea TAYLOR, Pain Management Practitioner)
The Beauty Biochemist (Sanford BROWNE, L’Oréal)
The Fashion Figure (Octo CHEUNG, Fashion Designer)
Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Season 1 Wrap-Up
Season 1 Compilation: China Destinations
Season 1 Compilation: KTV Songs
Season 1 Compilation: China Surprises
Season 1 Compilation: China Facts
Season 1 Compilation: China Purchases
Season 1 Compilation: China News Sources
Season 1 Compilation: China Bests & Worsts
Season 1 Compilation: WeChat Stickers
Season 1 Compilation: China Hangouts
Season 1 Compilation: Chinese Phrases
Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Season 2 Trailer
The Trend Tracker (Stéphane WILMET, L’Oréal China)
The Streetside Foodie (Jamie BARYS, UnTour Food Tours)
The Streetwise Sinologist (CHANG Chihyun, History Professor)
The Peruvian Healer (Katherine WONG, The Andean Apothecary)
The Bearded Lady (”COCOSANTI”, Drag Artist)
The Childbirth Guru (Louise ROY, Ferguson Women’s Health)
The Performance Exhibitor (ZHANG Yuan, McaM Ming Contemporary Art Museum)
The Handicrafts Designer (Jovana ZHANG, Rong Design Library, PINWU Design Studio)
The Beer Boss (Sean HARMON, Duvel Moortgat)
The Tibetan Merchant (Danma JYID, Yakma Body Care)
The Solar Entrepreneur (Alex SHOER, Seeder Energy)
The Aimful Architect (Wendy SAUNDERS, AIM Architecture)
The Brand Interpreter (Vladimir DJUROVIC, LABBRAND)
The Culture Curator (Noxolo BHENGU, Ndawo Afrika)
The Island Investor (Douglon TSE, Microdistrict)
Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Bonus Episode on ’Connectivity’
The Metal Head (Cassandra CHEN, Inferno Bar)
The Swedish Clown (Björn DAHLMAN, Clowns Without Borders)
The Supermarket Sourcer (Jo MCFARLAND, Sainsbury’s/Argos)
The Student Strategist (Seth HARVEY, Education Coach)
The Improv Artist (Michelle QU, The Improviser Alliance)
The Car Designer (Ajay JAIN, Geely)
The Fashion Journalist (Casey HALL, The Business of Fashion)
The Beats Collector (”DJ BO”, International DJ)
The Investment Maven (Salome CHEN, Property and Technology Developer)
The Fire Engineer (Michael KINSEY, Arup)
The Gourmet Coach (Crystyl MO, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants)
The Italian Lawyer (Vittorio FRANZESE, Business & Intellectual Property Lawyer)
The Africa Vlogger (ZHAO Huiling, HuilinginAfrica)
The Protocol King (Murray KING, Shanghai Disney Resort)
The Transgender Teacher (”Jiyoung”)
Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Season 02 Wrap-Up
Season 02 Compilation: China Destinations
Season 02 Compilation: KTV Songs
Season 02 Compilation: China Surprises
Season 02 Compilation: China Facts
Season 02 Compilation: China Purchases
Season 02 Compilation: China News Sources
Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Bonus Episode from The Honest Drink
Season 02 Compilation: China Bests & Worsts
Season 02 Compilation: WeChat Stickers
Season 02 Compilation: China Hangouts
Season 02 Compilation: Chinese Phrases
Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Bonus Episode from Footprints (CRI)
Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs: Season 03 Trailer
The Metaverse Technologist (Eric LIU, DIGITWIN Technologies)
The Comics Custodian (Ashley HUANG, Comic Book Ren)
The Gin Peddler (Fergus WOODWARD, Peddlers Gin)
The Barre Star (Siri NORDHEJM, Z&B Fitness and MYbarre Fitness)
The Rural Architect (CHEN Haoru)