Pod Save the People

Pod Save the People - TEASER
"American Do-Over"
“Product, Not the Producer”
BONUS POD with Edward Snowden
Behind the Vote
The Iconography of Resistance
Do You Love Justice, or Not?
When You Have to Face Yourself
FCC and Me
Education Nation
Intentional Inequity
A Box Won't Fix Racism
This is No Time to Grow Weary
Stay in Your Lane Sounds a Lot Like Stay in Your Place
Don’t Forget Your Purpose
Win the Available Victory
BONUS Pod: Charlottesville
The House We Live In
On Their Shoulders
Justice In 36 Seconds
We Don't Know How This Movie Ends
Her Wings Were Clipped Short
Navigating Identity and Navigating Justice
We Can All Win
Didn’t Get Here Alone
Ask the Biggest Question
The Answer to Our Ancestors’ Prayers
Your Founding Fathers Were Protestors
War on Science
Rejecting The Wrong Questions
It’s Election Day
The Race to Zero
This Is Personal
Take the First Step
It’s Such BS
You Are Already Political
Bonus Pod: Tom Perez Talks Doug Jones
Let's Do Better in the New Year
Lifting Others Up
Put Your Plan Together
Just Let the People Do It
Challenge and Confront
Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup
Outrage and Action
The World We Want to Live In (LIVE from Washington, D.C.)
Don’t Tell Your Story Too Soon
Joy & The Gift
Think Before You Retweet
People Built This
Don’t Leave Anyone Behind
The Formula
Race is Making Everything About Me (LIVE from Nat Geo HQ)
Be Part of the Story (LIVE from NYC)
Year Gone By
We’re Not Going Anywhere
If You Believe in Justice
A Long Shadow
Protect the Win
Not Every Ground is a Battleground
The Party
Politics of Confrontation
I Really Do Care
Smart Justice
Historic Wins
Oppression Depends on Secrecy
Politics of Fear
The Politics of Teeth
Keep the Same Energy
Tell Someone
Walk Into The Risk
Never Cover Your Eyes
There's No Power Like People Power
Plant the Seeds
We Gotta Live Our Commitments
Flint: Lead & Beyond
Midterm Review Session
Know the Source
Can’t Stop Thinking About...
Celebrate the Wins
Keep Raising Hell
Embrace the Complexity
Get Creative
Remember Your Motivation
Build Communities
Trust What Got You Here
Play the Long Game
Sit With Your Ideas
I Exist
The Facts
Don't Plateau
Early Polling (LIVE from Brooklyn, NY)
Unforced Errors (LIVE from Philadelphia, PA)
History is Today (Episode 100)
Mango Season
We Don’t Agonize, We Organize (LIVE from San Francisco, California)
Rest Doesn’t Mean Failure (LIVE from Los Angeles, CA)
There Is No Straight Line (LIVE from Seattle, WA)
Inside Outside Strategy (LIVE from Portland, OR)
Look for Unlikely Allies
Responsibility (In Celebration of Earth Day)
Not Today (with Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich)
Climb More Trees
Growth (with House Majority Whip James Clyburn)
When People Say...
Leave Your Ego Outside (with Glenda Jackson)
Draw Strength from Your Weaknesses
Season 3 Premiere (with Trevor Noah)
Listen to Yourself (with Blair Underwood)
Talking About the Debates
The Power of a True Apology (with Nora McInerny)
Be in the Room to Make Change
Unlearning Fear (with Logan Browning)
Interrogate the Obvious (In the Dark)
Change the Terms (with David Treuer)
Clean the Grill. Start Fresh.
Walk Into Your Gifts
Measure Fear Against the Outcomes
Corner to Corner (Chef Roy Choi)
Maintain Your Demands (with PJ Morton)
Be Ready to Be Tired
Everyday Is the Right Day to Tell the Truth
Come Out of the Shadows
Most Solutions Are Simple, But Not Small
Get Grounded in Yourself (with Krista Tippett)
Brittany Got Married!
Take A Break But Don't Quit (with Alphonso David)
Net Positives with Ramesh Srinivasan
Students Deserve Better (with Kerry Washington and Julián Castro)
Present Not Permanent (with Amb. Susan Rice)
Let's Push Together (with Randi Weingarten)
No In Between (with Ibram X. Kendi)
In Your Skin (with Nic Stone)
Democracy Is A Full-Contact Sport (with DeNora Getachew)
Every Little Bit Counts (with Mondaire Jones)
What's Good For Me Is Good For Society (with DA Rachael Rollins and College Behind Bars documentary)
Do The List (with Teach For All CEOs)
Imagine More Radically (with Saidiya Hartman)
Go Where the People Are (with Brittany Young)
Know Your Limit (with Professor Richard L. Hasen)
Demand More (with Zach Norris)
Hold Them Lovingly Accountable (with Michael & Pele Bennett)
What Should You Chase? (with Garlin Gilchrist)
Our Presidential Roundtable
Even The Best Players Have Coaches (with George Gascón)
System Not Psyche (with Jessica Pishko)
Take This Seriously (with Andy Slavitt)
Even Alone, We're Still A Collective (with Rep. Maxine Waters)
Pandemics And Prison (with Keri Blakinger)
Exploitation of a Crisis (with David Cole)
Battle-Tested (with Mayor Lori Lightfoot)
Even the Best Players Have Coaches (with Dr. Clint Smith III)
Voting Rights and Medical Fights (with Vanita Gupta)
You Need Everyone (with Mike Schmidt)
Justice for Ahmaud Arbery (with State Senator Bill Ferguson)
Common Language of Emotions (with Mehrsa Baradaran)
Engage In Joy (with Dr. Nzinga Harrison)
Keep the Fight (with Justine Barron and Amelia McDonell-Parry)
What Science Says About Police (with John Rappaport)
We Deserve Better (with Angie & June Provost)
What Comes Next (with Joanna Schwartz)
The Blackest State (with Soledad O'Brien)
We've Been Here Before (with Mary Kay Henry)
Will Schools Reopen? (with Sonja Santelises)
A National Reckoning (with Elise Buik)
On the Ground in Portland (with Sarah Iannarone)
Go Where The Love Is (with Zo Orchingwa and Emma Gray)
Scams, Unraveling and Advice (with Jaime Primak Sullivan)
Swing State Stress (with Ben Wikler)
[Check This Out] The Untold Story: Policing
Everybody, Get A Therapist
Get a Change of Scenery (with Kimberley Motley)
The Odds Are Stacked (with Julián Castro)
Showing Up To Fight Fires (with Gregory Washington)
Write It Down (with Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg)
Get It Together (with Julie Gunnigle)
Cleaning Up (with Brian Stelter)
Do the Work and the Rest Will Follow (with Rodney Carmichael and Sidney Madden)
Indulge a Little (with Terrance Woodbury & Joyce Elliott)
Fired Up and Ready to Go (with The Collective PAC & Antwan Phillips)
We Are The Overcomers (with Chasten Buttigieg & Dani Brzozowski)
Our Take on What's Next (with Stephanie Wittels Wachs & Will Jawando)
A Matter of Scale (with Megan Rapinoe)
Ask All The Questions (with Dianne M. Stewart)
Listen To Yourself (with Vanita Gupta & Wendy Kopp)
Ban No-Knock Raids (with Ijeoma Oluo)
Carry It Forward (with Andy Slavitt & Sen. Brian Benjamin)
Write It Down (with Fix SAPD)
Tell Them You Love Them (with Bianca Tylek)
We Have a Dream (with SuChin Pak & Kulap Vilaysack)
You Don't Have to Always Be Right (with Mahogany L. Browne)
Let Yourself Feel (with Maurice Chammah)
Would It Change the World? (with Tishaura O. Jones)
Ask the Question (with Dr. Daniel Laroche)
Say Thank You (with Dr. Bob Wachter)
Our Gifts Don't Require Chaos (with Johnny Celestin & Will Driscoll)
Make Time For Friends (with Justin Fenton)
Don't Sabotage Love (with Evan Stone)
Tell the Truth (with Cleo Wade)
Trust the Process (with SaverLife)
Pat Yourself On The Back (with Shaka King & Dorothy A. Brown)
Take Your Hand Off (with Alua Arthur)
We Can Win (with Luvvie Ajayi Jones)
The 200th Episode (with Larry Krasner)
Get Plugged In (with The Sentencing Project)
Let Yourself Be Loved (with Desmond Meade & Channel Powe)
Take A Step Back (with Dr. Marcus Johnson)
Answer Your Calling (with Dr. James Wood)
Don't Let It Go Unchallenged (with Stanley Nelson & Marco Williams)
Tell Them You Love Them (with Elizabeth Hinton)
Study Juneteenth (with Maya Wiley)
Trust Your Gut (with Myles E. Johnson & Mario Rosser)
Pay It Forward (with Jarvis R. Givens & John King Jr.)
Chase the Question (with David Smith & Alec Karakatsanis)
Explore the Options (with Brandon L. Garrett)
Go For a Walk (with Carmen Gutierrez)
Get the Photos (with Tigray Action Committee)
Go Make Friends (with Michael Levine & Makeda Mays Green)
Get the Coffee (with Jonathan McCrory)
Remember To Love In A Big Way (with Coby Kennedy)
Name It (with Rev. Al Sharpton)
Ask the Questions Yourself (with Dr. Elizabeth Mayer)
Don't Suffer in Excellence (with Cliff Albright)
Lean Into the Joy (with Prof. Jessica S. Henry)
Softening into Surrender (with Claire Bidwell Smith)
Ratchet Academics (with Dr. Christopher Emdin)
One Hurdle at a Time (with Valerie Jarrett)
Listen and Learn (with Dr. Marcia Chatelain)
Give Grace (with Michael Tubbs)
Special Episode (with Dr. Nabarun Dasgupta)
Happy Halloween (with Destiny Lopez)
Move with Intent (with Stanley Nelson & Traci Curry)
Choose You (with Dr. Priya Fielding-Singh)
Rest is Essential (with Malcolm Bell)
Communication is Key (with Barrett Holmes Pitner)
All is Not Lost (with Tony Messenger)
Have the Conversation (with Anushay Hossain)
I'm Ready (with Myisha Cherry)
Speak Up and Honest (with Samira Sangare)
The Work Continues (with Jonathan Katz)
Make Room For New (with Samantha Tweedy)
All About the Work (with Portia Wood)
Stick to the Values (with Dustin Gibson)
Do It Now (with Dr. Kristen Nwanyanwu)
Continue the Fight (with Prof. Gregory Cooke)
More to Learn (with Candice Benbow)
Check In (with Lizz Winstead)
Free Keith Davis Jr. (with Nicole Lynn Lewis)
Read Out Loud (with Bridget Todd)
Keep it in the Chat (with Reshma Saujani)
Listen Better
Make it a Big Deal (with Prof. Dorothy Roberts)
See It (with Katie Curran O'Malley)
Do the Things (with Selema Masekela)
Make the Ask (with Andre Perry)
Disagree with Love (with Will Jawando)
Enjoy the Music (with Joah Spearman)
Speak it Simple (with Topeka Sam)
Protect Yourself (with Marc Lamont Hill & Todd Brewster)
See Something (with Deepa Purushothaman)
Do Dessert (with Bill DeBlasio)
Build Community (with David Dennis Jr.)
Talk It Through (with Andrea Guerrero)
Find Time (with Leah Goodridge)
Focus In
Hold Your Light (with Van Lathan Jr.)
Oldie but Goodie (with Valerie Biden)
Revisit History (with Prof. Robin D.G. Kelley)
Say Thank You (with Linda Villarosa)
See for Yourself (with Elizabeth Pfiester)
Stick Around for Friends (with J. David McSwane)
Introducing Imani State of Mind: REALailties of being a Black in America
Plan the Visit (with Dwayne Betts)
Do the BIG Thing
Let it Go (with Baynard Woods)
Marathon not a Sprint (with Jelani Anglin & Kim Belizaire)