What Shall We Do About...?

1. Flying w/ Ash London

We're taking to the skies for our first episode with the host of Ash London Live, and frequent flyer, Ash London. Ash is the perfect person to talk with to try and improve flying, because she's terrified of it. And yet, she flies all around the world interviewing musicians for her job. We also step behind the curtain and discuss what business class is like. Ooh la la... You can find Ash on Instagram and Twitter, and hear her on Ash London Live, Weeknights from 6:30pm across the Hit Network. Thanks for listening to the first episode of What Shall We Do About...?, it means a lot! If you enjoyed it, please hit 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts, or 'follow' on Spotify. You can follow the show on Instagram, and if you have an idea for a topic for the show send an email to whatshallwedopod@gmail.com. What Shall We Do About...? is hosted by Sam Robinson, who is on Twitter @samsquareeyes.


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