What Shall We Do About...?

17. Radio w/ James Cridland

Do you still listen to the radio? While we used to have to wait to hear our favourite songs played, now we can stream what we want, when we want. And if you consider the rising popularity of podcasts, we must ask - is radio is a dying medium? For this Breakfast radio host, I hope that's not the case. So, I've called in the big guns. A radio futurologist. Yes - James Cridland has worked in radio since 1989, and knows media movements extremely well, especially regarding radio and podcasts. We discuss the way in which radio has changed and will change, and what it is able to achieve that music streaming and podcasts cannot. James Cridland is on Twitter @jamescridland, and I thoroughly recommend his free daily briefing email podnews - sign up at podnews.net. Read more about James at james.cridland.net. Thanks for listening to What Shall We Do About...?, it means a lot! If you enjoyed it, please hit 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts, or 'follow' on Spotify, and let your friends know! You can follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and if you have an idea for a topic for the show send an email to whatshallwedopod@gmail.com. What Shall We Do About...? is hosted by Sam Robinson, who is on Twitter @samsquareeyes.


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