What Shall We Do About...?

24. DJs w/ Andrew Levins

DJs, if they have a decent mix and playlist, can make any party come alive. But what happens when that party is shut down, potentially for months on end? This is the reality for many music makers across the world, and there's a real concern that on the other side of this COVID-19 pandemic, things will have changed so much that the club scene might not bounce back. So, what shall we do about DJs? I've enlisted one of Australia's best, and most enduring DJs, Andrew Levins, to discuss. He's also written a kids book about vegetables, which seems a little out of place - so we talk about that too. You can find Andrew Levins on Twitter @levdawg and on Instagram @levdawg. His brand new book 'Nelson: Pumpkins and Aliens' is available to order here. Also, as mentioned in the episode, you can sign up for Levins' Mixtape Service at Patreon. You can find more about Levins' infamous Meredith Music Festival DJ set at the VICE article 'An Oral History of Levins's Iconic Meredith 2015 Party Set'. You can also listen back to Alice Zaslavsky's episode about vegetables, here. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast! If you enjoyed it, please hit 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts, or 'follow' on Spotify. Leaving a rating and review helps as well. You can follow the show on Instagram and Facebook, and if you have an idea for a topic for the show send an email to whatshallwedopod@gmail.com. What Shall We Do About...? is hosted by Sam Robinson, who is on Twitter @samsquareeyes.


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