What Shall We Do About...?

32. Fashion w/ Tali Aualiitia

Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Turn to the right. Unlike many trends, David Bowie's 1980 song 'Fashion' hasn't gone out of, erm, fashion. Fashion is said to be a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour - but so often these things don't last. Think shoulder-pads, click-pants - heck, even socks and sandals were probably considered cool once. Fashion can drain our bank accounts, and is really not great for our environment. So, what shall we do about fashion? ABC Broadcaster Tali Aualiitia realised late in 2019 that she was addicted to fast fashion. So, she committed to buying no new clothes in 2020 - living out of her wardrobe of previous purchases, no matter what the fashion may be. And, as she shares in this episode, she's learning plenty about herself, and also learning some new skills in the process. You can find Tali on Twitter @taliaualiitia, and watch the progress of her year on Instagram @nonewclothes.tali. You can read more of Tali's thoughts in her article 'I'm buying nothing new this year to break my fast fashion addiction' at ABC Life. Thanks for listening to What Shall We Do About...?, it means a lot! If you enjoyed it, please hit 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts, or 'follow' on Spotify. Reviews are always welcome and help get the word out. Get in contact: Instagram: @whatshallwedopod Facebook: @whatshallwedopod Twitter: @whatshallwepod Email: whatshallwedopod@gmail.com What Shall We Do About...? is hosted and produced by Sam Robinson, who is on Twitter @samsquareeyes.


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